Resilient communities educated with permaculture methodologies and its ethical principles in accordance with their own culture and environment.

Main goal

To serve as a socio-cultural transformation tool within the community of Don Juan and its surroundings. Giving recognition to local ancestral and traditional practices, in order to integrate them for the creation of a more sustainable and resilient society.

Goal for the next seven years:
  • Support 300 families in five communities.
  • Create six allies
  • Host 10 volunteers per month.
  • Increase the amount of donations.

Specific objectives

Inclusive and integral re-design of the urban and rural neighborhoods in Don Juan and Bellavista, through specific tools such as:
  • Bio construction: Taking advantage of local resources in the design and construction of traditional housing in the sector with bioclimatic and earthquake-dynamics systems.
  • Urban gardens: Use and improvement of urban spaces for the production of a healthy and resilient food culture.
  • Murals and Signage: Use of urban spaces for the development of local identity.
  • Arts and Crafts workshops: Bakery, sewing, blacksmithing, gardening, handicrafts and crafts aimed at self-supply of family needs, and the support of cooperative production initiatives.
  • Generation and improvement of ludic spaces for children, adolescents and the elderly, within the programs that are already in place by other social actors such as the A Mano Manaba Foundation and the Catholic Church of the Jama Canton.
  • Support and strengthening of disaster prevention programs developed by Don Juan and Bellavista neighborhood organization.
  • Workshops. All our proposals to the community are ran by training (educational) sessions with people who like to improve their own skills.