How can you help us?

What are we looking for?

  • Sponsors: Self maintained donations over time.
  • Private donation: Unique donation with the intention to invest in future projects.
  • Allies and similar organizations: Exchange of resources and knowledge among other organizations.
  • Volunteers: National or international private or non profit organizations that look for integral projects in disaster zones

Benefit of your help

A natural disaster leaves many people in poverty, where their livelihood tools are destroyed by an unexpected event. Your investment will help to rebuild infrastructure and the quick recovery of the affected communities, as well as improving the productivity of the population.
We want to grow our own space of logistics and community projection CEPPA, as an inclusive and collaborative solution with the beneficiaries, to continue with initiatives post disaster.
In the following seven years, we want to continue helping to build a strongly empowered community with Permaculture methodologies for the necessary transition from vulnerable to resilient.

Motivation letter

Árbol seeks to generate spaces of wellbeing, where communities and their environment can link together to develop mutual learning and benefits.
A post-disaster situation turns into a great opportunity to undertake together a new adventure towards the transition from a vulnerable community to a resilient one, where the care of the earth, care for people and share from their inner abundance, is the goal to achieve.
While we began our process of establishing local resilience in the area of affectation, we could have the first observation of what was about to come, a population in chaos without any support or someone to call for help.
This reality motivated us to create personalized Permaculture programs, in order to satisfy specific needs within the earthquake-affected areas.
Since Permaculture provides new tools of social and environmental containment in disaster zones, with the poor or nonexistent local resilience.
With the commitment to find various alternatives for the improvement of the environments of the emerging communities, we decided to establish a camp, which has a dynamic CEPPA that promotes the human growth and its environment from the volunteering to the deep integration within the social fabric.
We have been an inclusive and active organization in the society, offering a hand and a shoulder to the communities devastated by the earthquake of April 16, 2016.
We are very motivated to be a joint project with you, from a solid, effective and responsible approach, in order to add knowledge and pedagogical tools to build a better social dynamic in the community.
This project will be our first experience within the CEPPA, where our expectation is to share and build a team focused on improving the needs of the communities, as well as working with people who share the sme ideal of struggle against social barriers, sharing dreams, creativity and optimism through example and dedication.
I hope that we have managed to motivate your interest in our organization, and that our projection of the CEPPA will please you. I would like to have a face-to-face meeting where I could give you details of our experiences.
Thank you for your time, I am looking forward to the possibility of opening a new chapter of our life in this project, which will provide comfort to the affected areas by natural disasters.

Best regards,
Jorge Cabrera
Director Proyecto Árbol