Centro de Entrenamiento en Prácticas de Permacultura y Agroecología, in English: training center in Permaculture and agro-ecology practices.


We are starting activities in Bellavista de Don Juan, a small community located 11 kilometers north from Jama Canton, in the Pacific coast in Ecuador.

  • Its main economic activity is artisanal, 70% is fishing and the other 30% is dedicated to agriculture in small agro-diverse farms, and tourism.
  • Its ecosystem is dry subtropical with an average rainfall < 400 ml per year (during the last 10 years), the raining season is between December and February.
  • It has a population of 300 families, approximately 1200 people living in Don Juan, while about 400 more people live in the Bellavista neighborhood.


Based on our observation, we have found
  • The leaders of the community do not show a good level of receptivity, therefore, they cannot reach everyone.
  • A social fabric weakened by the few economic development opportunities, where the main activity is artisanal fishing without adequate infrastructure, which also makes hard to generate products with major value.
  • A noticeable deterioration in the quality of life and intra family relations of those who lost their homes in the earthquake, highlighted by issues of gender inequality and alcoholism.
  • A bold apathy for community work.
  • Total dependency on distribution networks and consumption of goods and products such as food, drinking water, medicines, etc.
  • Insufficient community organization to develop contingency plans, prevention and reaction to future catastrophic events.
  • Very basic schooling with few elements and pedagogical spaces.