Centro de Entrenamiento en Prácticas de Permacultura y Agroecología, in English: training center in Permaculture and agro-ecology practices.

Árbol proposes a CEPPA, built for the welfare of all those who participate in our projects, looking for the improvement of the environment by taking responsible actions in our daily lives, to develop sustainable projects in mutual interaction with the social environment and its culture, with focus on creating a resilient community.

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Resilient communities educated with permaculture methodologies and its ethical principles in accordance with their own culture and environment.

Main goal

To serve as a socio-cultural transformation tool within the community of Don Juan and its surroundings. Giving recognition to local ancestral and traditional practices, in order to integrate them for the creation of a more sustainable and resilient society.

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Our Programs

After the earthquake of 2016, all our programs aimed at the integral development of families affected, who together with our team of volunteers, designed and executed collaboratively projects, forming a single team of work and mutual learning based on popular education methodologies, where "we all have a knowledge to share by doing".

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Integral design for human settlement

We work with the Permaculture Flower, from David Holmgren-2002 Holmgren services, and the seven domains necessary to sustain humanity, that goes through a global energy descent scenario.

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Permaculture methods

Based on permaculture ethics principles our construction design systems are sustainable, mainly using local resources.

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Agro Ecology

Considering food & shelter as the cornerstone to start building sustainability in any community, we must focus on developing strategies for the families to grow their own food, and other related topics.

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Culture, Art and Innovation

The community strength lays on in their cultural identity.

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How can you help us?

A natural disaster leaves many people in poverty, where their livelihood tools are destroyed by an unexpected event. Your investment will help to rebuild infrastructure and the quick recovery of the affected communities, as well as improving the productivity of the population.

We want to grow our own space of logistics and community projection CEPPA, as an inclusive and collaborative solution with the beneficiaries, to continue with initiatives post disaster.

In the following seven years, we want to continue helping to build a strongly empowered community with Permaculture methodologies for the necessary transition from vulnerable to resilient.

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